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What is Style Coaching?

What is Style Coaching?


… For Everyone.

This service is accessible to everyone - no matter your budget, age, or lifestyle. An updated image doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. The aim is that we become effortlessly stylish and comfortable in our own skin. My goal is to get you looking and feeling your very best – leaving you competent to sustain what you have learned about style once our work together is done.


…. Sustainable.

Did you know that the fashion industry contributes at least 10% of global emissions? You will learn to think before you buy, and to slow down and develop a plan to purchase nicer but fewer clothes. You'll wear the clothes you invest in because you have an educated eye for what works for you. Fast fashion isn't sustainable. Shopping local and choosing well is good for our community, planet and good for you.


… An Investment in Yourself.

You won't believe how great it feels to open your closet and find the perfect outfit within minutes! We take a holistic approach to defining your style, which includes working with any attitudes and beliefs holding you back. Whatever transition you are going through – a full-time career to retirement, a stay-at-home mom or back in the workforce, working in the office to working at home, from having a buff, fit body to gaining a few extra pounds. I meet you where you are, and we work with your current brilliance. You'll receive unconditional support from me as you learn to put together your signature style in a creative and inspiring way. Consider this a safe space to explore your personal brand – it is a process, and you set the pace.


Color Analysis


Everyone has a color that looks amazing on them and other colors that aren't the most flattering. The colors you wear not only make a statement, but build cohesion and simplify your wardrobe. We determine the best colors for your closet, hair, and makeup. You leave with access to a digital personal color palette, so future choices are easy.

Elevate Style Coaching Color Analysis

Dress yourBody Shape and Style   Development


Body Analysis is a crucial part of the styling process. You learn how to create a balanced, flattering look, leveraging the shape you have. Discover your personal style and learn helpful tips and styling techniques. 

Learn what perceptions about yourself are holding you back from creating a style that reflects and embraces your best self.

Elevate Style Coaching Body Analysis

Build a Wardrobe and Accessorize


Learn to understand the building block components of a wardrobe and how they work together. Creating a capsule wardrobe can simplify and expand your choices. Accessories bring basics to life and can complete an outfit. From finding the perfect eye glasses to learning to tie a scarf, find YOUR best accessories


Closet Edit


The Closet Edit brings together the Essential Foundation components of style coaching. It is a thoughtful curating process as we apply what you’ve learned and build a wardrobe for you. We determine which items should be kept, donated, replaced, or taken to the tailor. This experience leaves you feeling lighter and more knowledgeable about your personal style and wardrobe.

0015_©PhotoDivine_Campbell copy.jpg

Personal Shopping


Considering your needs, preferences, and budget, we shop together for clothing and accessories that pull together your wardrobe. My goal is to fill in wardrobe gaps, and more importantly, to educate yourself on what works for you. You'll shop with more ease and efficiency, adding items that truly make a difference. 

Elevate Style Coaching Makeup Makeover

Makeup and
Skin Care


Make-Up can help define your best features and freshen your appearance. You learn your best colors and how to look natural and polished in a few easy steps.

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