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About Michelle


Elevate Style Coaching culminates all my years of experience in the hairstyling, beauty, and fashion industries to help people learn to look and feel their best. Style and appearance are a form of personal expression that is unique to every individual. Being comfortable about making changes sometimes requires encouragement and understanding. That's where I come in. My passion is to partner with people who aspire to elevate their style by forming an action plan through personal guidance and style techniques.


I love style and beauty and am down-to-earth and approachable. Fashion should not be intimidating or confusing – it should be fun! I intend to help you find a style that confidently projects who you are to the world. We create a meaningful partnership as we fuel your confidence with looks geared to your unique tastes, needs, and lifestyle.


I consider myself one of the lucky ones – I knew my life's calling at age 16. After years of studying and applying my knowledge of hairstyling, beauty, and fashion, I was inspired to train with a Style Coach in Paris. I became certified through the Style Coaching Institute, the world's most innovative and influential image training company. After my education, I returned to Colorado inspired, ready to dispel the myth that style is unattainable. I have a well-established reputation you can trust and offer a unique service not easily found elsewhere.

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I am passionate about helping women feel beautiful.

Michelle Campbell, certified Style Coaching Institute consultant
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