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Define your Style


el e -vate

1.  lift (something) to a higher position or status

2.  raise to a more important or impressive level

3.  to lift the spirits of; elate



As a Style Coach, I work with individuals to transform how they feel about themselves on the inside by renewing their style on the outside. You will be supported along the way as you are guided towards defining your personal style. Fashion choices can make sense, be effortless, and fun once you know the foundations of your unique style and how to build it. Style Coaching is for everyone who’s ever thought,

“I have so many clothes and nothing to wear.”

“Nothing looks good on me.”

“I am so uninspired when I look in my closet, I don’t even know where to begin.”


Style Coaching is about inspiring you to discover your unique style. Your confidence in yourself and your choices will soar as you learn the skills needed to sustain your new style. Benefits include:

  • Curating stylish outfits that ensure you feel confident and pulled together

  • Reimagining the clothing you already have and filling in the gaps

  • Discovering what cuts of clothing are most flattering

  • Understanding what colors make you come alive

  • Developing a system for shopping to avoid costly mistakes

  • Saving time, money, and energy – and look and feel fabulous in the process!

Michelle Campbell, Durango, Colorado style coach

About Michelle

Elevate Style Coaching culminates all my years of experience in the hairstyling, beauty, and fashion industries to help people learn to look and feel their best. My passion is to partner with people who aspire to elevate their style by forming an action plan through personal guidance and style techniques.

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.
– Vivienne Westwood


Style Coaching is best customized to the individual. Services include style personality assessment, body analysis, color analysis, makeup lesson and skincare analysis, wardrobe edit/shop your wardrobe and personal shopping. Each service builds on the next. As you add the different elements together, you create your masterpiece, one area at a time, until your personal brand evolves.

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Define your Style

Color Analysis

Style Coaching

Elevate Style Coaching is for everyone and is an investment in yourself. You won't believe how great it feels to open your closet and find the perfect outfit within minutes! You'll receive unconditional support as you learn to put together your signature style in a creative and inspiring way. Consider this a safe space to explore your personal brand – it is a process, and you set the pace.